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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
I allways knew I had heard the theme tune from Stragate Atlantis somewhere else before.

Main Theme SG-Atlantis:

Main Theme Seaquest DSV:

The Atlantis Theme was composed by Joel Goldsmith (not to be confused with good ole Jerry Goldsmith).
The Seaquest Theme was composed by John Debney and won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Main Title Theme Music" in 1994.

Joel! You got some explaining to do!

They sound nothing alike in melody.
Seaquest is clearly a March or Fan Fare
While Atlantis only strings a couple of choruses together with a dissonance of Action scores in the beginning, bridged by choir.

There is an underwater like use of the horns in both but the melodies are very different to my ear.

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