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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Can I answer the poll when I die and then I find out what the next stage is?
No, you have to take a pick now! If you dont choose or if you choose wrong, you will be reborn as a worm.

Quite frankly, I had many conversations whith someone, who believed in Karma. I never quite understood the relevance of the concept. If I am reborn as a worm, then I am NOT reborn at all, because I am NOT a worm. Same goes for the naive version of the idea of heaven, by the way. I am no angel, ergo, whatever ends up in heaven is not me.

But then, the idea of Karma also entails, that your actions will inevietably have repurcussions for you yourself within your lifetime. Like, you steal from someone and so, years later, someone else will steal from you.

There obviously is some truth to that, but whoever decides on the Karma seems to suck at math. Otherwise, how could evil tyrants like Stalin end up dying peacefully in their bed?

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