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Default Visual excerpt from William Peter Blatty's "The Exorcist" novel...

Well folks, here it first excerpt from a novel (aside from my Battlestar Galactica adaptation of one of my own fanfictions).
This scene was adapted from William Peter Blatty's "The Exorcist" novel. One certainly gains a new understanding of the differences and needs between a novel and an adapted screenplay.
This scene as shot in the movie was only two to three minutes long. The scene I did, as excerpted from the novel runs close to 10 minutes.
I had to take a few creative liberties when I realized that there was a couple of things I failed to add, because I failed to read the narrative text more closely...however, I think they are minor, overlookable things. Overall, I think the effect comes across alright. I added in some sound effects from the movie to give the scene just a little more ambience (and for technical reasons.) I did both the voices of Father Damien Karras and the demon Pazuzu, and Burke Dennings.
This took me a couple of days to put together...I had to rebuild the sets after my file (which I used to create my tribute trailer) got corrupted. I just completed final mixdown at 7:30AM 24 NOV. 2010.
As always, I hope you'll enjoy this and have as much fun with it as I had putting it together.
Here's the link:

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