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It's funny that even today people have still issues with women riding on sticks aka witches.

I don't want to go too deep into it but the irony is that the very folks who started this nonsense are what I would call pagan Christians, i.e. folks whose reading of Christianity is focused on elements which are obviously copied from pagan religions like human sacrifice or rebirth of a deity and ignorant of the 'radical seperation with paganism and tribalism' theme of Jesus' teachings. They are not unlike all these New Age / Western Buddhist types, Gaian environmentalists (we have raped mother Earth and will be punished) or, to bring the point home, also not unlike the Satanists they see in Harry Potter.

These loonies aside, I don't understand the success of this series as I found the only book which I have read, I think it was the second one, enjoyable but not really original or sparkling. Yet it is great that these books make children read more.
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