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Default Skyline

Anyone seen "Skyline" yet? If you haven't, don't waste your money!!! It was a bottomless pit of STUPID!!! Especially the ending. The effects and CGI were great. But the movie was fruggin stupid. It was like "Cloverfield" mixed with "District 9" and "War of The Worlds" only ten times worse! I don't know what's going on lately. I've seen at least 4 movies recently that looked fantastic in the previews but ended up being severe disappointments. "District 9", "Monsters", and "Skyline" are the most recent. There's another, but I can't remember it for the life of me. I guess it was just so bad I've blocked it out. The best movie I've seen in the past six months was "Despicable Me". I LOVED that movie. I was rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off through just about the whole movie. It was great!!! "It's so fluffy!!!!"

Anyway, don't waste your money on "Skyline" unless you just love torturing yourself with absolute inane drivel. That was 2 hours of my life I wish I could get back.
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