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The original article is published by Nature at
but I chose to share the article here because of its Trek-related illustration and amusing Trekkie-tweaking.

The anti-hydrogen is actually held in a magnetic field:
The ALPHA researchers used an octupole magnet, produced by the current flowing in eight wires, to create a magnetic field that was strongest near the walls of the trap, falling to a minimum at the centre, causing the atoms to collect there.
Similar to a warp core assembly
CERN has also been working on lining up antimatter
Yasunori Yamazaki, an atomic physicist at the Advanced Science Institute in Saitama, part of Japan's RIKEN network of research labs, now says the group has produced such a beam
Think injector coils leading to dilithium articulation frame.

Obviously the science is not going to mirror the science fiction precisely, but the fact that it's so close is just neat.
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