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No one will remember it, of course, unless you were a fan in the Denver area back in the early 80's. But Starcon used to have the greatest plays on Saturday nights, parodying Trek, Star Wars, or whatever the big blockbuster was. Mostly written by Nancy Anderson, they were the most fun I ever had on stage! The first one I ever saw was a take off on Wrath of Khan, and I almost couldn't breathe at a couple of points, because it was so on target!

Example: The scene is a stage with two bridge sets, one on either end of the stage. One is the Enterprise, and the other is the Reliant. The Enterprise is heading into the Mutara Nebula...

Navigator Guy: If they go in there, we'll lose them.

Khan: Explain it to them...

Navigator Guy: (yelling to other side of stage) Hey you guys! Don't go in there! We'll lose you and not be able to blow you up real good!

(Khan covers his face, embarassed by the stupidity of his crew)

Or maybe this:

Captain Kirk ENTERS the bridge vi the turbolift.

SULU: Admiral on the bridge!

Followed by David Markus.

SULU: Bastard on the bridge!

Maybe you had to be there...
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