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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I'm sure it is quite interesting. And it would probably make a good movie in its own right. However, Forbidden Planet is a great movie itself. One of, if not THE best sci-fi movie ever made (my personal opinion there). I just don't think it needs to be remade. There's necessity, then there's just plain "because its there". Remaking FP is not a necessity. They're talking about it simply because it's there and Hollywood is running out of original ideas so all they have left is screwing with established movies. And it's getting old. There are some movies, very few, that should be set aside as benchmark classics that are not to be "messed with". Forbidden Planet is one of those.
I agree.
First and foremost, FP introduced a lot of now heavily used sci-fi concepts (hyperdrives and such), and a film remake would be completely wasted. FP was a pioneer film for science fiction. The CGI and such might be good in a remake, but the overall story and impact I think would be lost...especially from a historical standpoint.

Folks who had never seen the original FP would look at this new film, and likely consider it a rip-off of everything that had come before for them in recent memory.

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