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I wouldn't care about whether they'd keep the 19 white males or put some blacks and women in it but there is definitely something pseudo-progressive about the latter.

If it is really remade we don't have to watch it. I actually think that the folks who don't know the original are the ones who'd actually suffer. The first version of something usually sets the benchmark for, you get used it. For example your first exposure to Trek was TOS, my first exposure to Trek was TNG and this has a lasting effect.

I recently watched a Norwegian movie called Insomnia as well as the American remake which was fine but some idiosyncracies of the original got lost in "remake-ification". After all the purpose of a remake is often to erase the personal and weird notes of a movie and make it more mainstream accessible.
If I had watched Insomnia the other way around and first seen the remake I would have probably preferred it to the original and this might happen in the case of a remake of Forbidden Planet as well. Folks watch the smooth remake and if they check out the original afterwards they might perceive it as 'stupid and sooo 50s' in comparison.

So yeah, normally I welcome diversity but movies (or food) also influence your taste, you often like what you are used to.

This might also apply to Trek to a lesser degree. People who get into Trek via ST09 might be disappointed by the rest of the franchise as they expect something more wild and epic.

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