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Well said. If FP does indeed get remade, it will end up being "Forbidden Planet" in name only. Some of the themes of FP won't translate well to 21st century audiences. For example: a small ship with a crew of 19 males. Modern audiences would be more accustomed to seeing co-ed crews with females. Not to mention there were no minorities in FP. All the characters were white. In today's PC society, that wouldn't work either. The saucer shape of the C57-D is iconic. A remake would undoubtedly change the design to something more streamlined and modern. A remake would also invariably re-do Robbie the Robot. That would be a mistake. Robbie is a classic icon of 1950's sci-fi and shouldn't be altered in any way. And then there's the lovely Anne Francis... I don'tknow of any modern actress who could adequately repalce her as Altaira. And no modern actor could come close to Walter Pidgeon as Morbius. In short, I am horrified at the idea of anyone trying to update/remake this classic movie. Somebody needs to get a petition to whomever is trying to do this and beg them not to desecrate this classic movie. This whole thing just makes me sick.
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