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Default Forbidden Planet Remake?

Okay. I just saw this: Clicky

My worst fears have been realized. Somebody is going to ruin Forbidden Planet. I was hoping and praying that this wonderful movie would never be remade. Forbidden Planet is my personal all-time favorite movie ever made. I love FP. It was a fantastic movie. And it does not need to be remade. There are some movies that can stand the test of time all on their own and should NEVER be remade, rebooted, remastered, or altered in any way, shape, or form. FP is one of those. The Day The Earth Stood Still is also on that list, but it got remade and ruined anyway. Hollywood just doesn't care. FP is a classic and should remain so. I am very unhappy and disgusted that some moron in Hollywood would even entertain the thought of altering this wonderful piece of cinematic history. Next thing you know, they'll be remaking Casablanca or Gone With The Wind. Will the madness never end?
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