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Originally Posted by HRH The KING View Post
Star Trek is about examining social issues. That's what it was created for.

Testing one's principles in extreme circumstance is part of that.

If the conclusion is that "in a tough situation, our principles will always hold true, our ship will never get any lasting damage, everything will always look pristine, we have dozens of shuttles in our tiny shuttle bay, we can build a super shuttle twice, the Maquis will simply abandon their principles and willingly accept Starfleet rules, and we have a Borg babe who can solve almost any problem", then it leads to a bland preachy and self-righteous show, which is precisely what VOY was.
Every now and again they'd push the boundaries and give us a good moral drama without throwing the reset switch, sadly though this often was a very rare event.

I found a lot that in the episodes where they're supposed to be grappling with their issues and facing a truly difficult decision the consequences are never really explored or the whole thing is just rushed through, I see Tuvix as an example of this. Is a shame really as DS9 and Enterprise showed that the producers were willing to take the risks to create those good stories with a hard dilemma at their core.
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