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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Yeah, I think Abrams sort of moved away from the day to day writing and direction of Lost after the first season. Pretty much just kept his name attached.

I gotta check out this Lock and Key, haven't heard anything about it. I've been watching Hawaii 5-0. It's pretty good. Fun, that's how I'd describe it. Not too deep, doesn't take itself too seriously yet, just a fun show.
Here's a bit about it. Though it actually looks like they may just be producers on it in fact.


On the other, I have to say that I'm a bit more sold on Abrams himself as a writer and producer/director than I am on Orci & Kurtzman as writers and producers - notwithstanding that I think they did a good job with Star Trek. I never doubted his ability to make the new film work from the first day I heard he had got the job. I think Abrams is way more attuned and aware than sometimes the way he speaks and acts in public makes people believe he is. But, I find them to be considerably more variable. But when I like what they do, I tend to really like it.

And obviously Abrams and O&K aren't locked at the hip (yes, they all have the shows and films I mentioned in my previous post in common and are obviously close but they are also attached to a lot of other projects too) so I think you have to separate them out a little bit (even though you could totally say that they are a part of ''Team Abrams'' - but then Abrams is involved in a lot of pies as well and he has a lot of frequent collaborators who are also involved in their own thing as well as projects that Abrams also get involved in. It's kinda tricky to keep track of all the connections!).

For instance, I'm really interested in the upcoming Super 8, because that will be Abrams first major film that's sort of more original and written and directed by him alone and isn't a TV series adaption or something like Cloverfield (his idea, but written and directed by other people) even if Super 8 is a Spielbergian homage that was part created by Spielberg as well.

I know that they've (O&K) exec produced films like Eagle Eye (very stupid but a blast while it's playing), and The Proposal but in writing I think they are more variable. They are credited with The Island, obviously the first two Transformers films and the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens (I think) and of those only the first Transformers is one that I would call really good. Even though The Island had an intriging sci-fi premise it botched it with the final product. And I think the first Transformers actually was that good back in 2007 and not because Micheal Bay directed it.

But then as I said, when their collaborations really click (like IMO Alias, Fringe, M:I:III and Star Trek work, they do work very, very well) then it's a great result.
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