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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I think it was 6 seasons. I had no idea it had gone for that long. I paid almost no attention to it after season 2. I loved the Irina Derevko character so much that I disappointed when she didn't come back.
I had no idea it went on that long. Been meaning to check it out for some time now.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Abrams is a funny one for me to comprehensively call, but for the most part I like his stuff.

In the pro-corner I'd put Alias, Fringe, Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek. Those obviously are also heavily representative of the writing work of Orci & Kurtzman as well. I've not seen their new version of Hawaii 5-0, but I hear they have another new horror genre TV show that got greenlit recently called Locke & Key based on some sort of graphic novel if I read it correctly.

I never got into Lost but to be honest I'm not sure I would really call that 'an Abrams show' as such. He seemed to be involved a lot in the early days but mostly the show seemed to get run by Lindelof day-today etc

Although it does bear several of his hallmarks (sci-fi genre, heavy mythology, mystery, misdirection, strong characters, silliness and top notch production quality) that's for sure. Ancillary projects like Cloverfield are in-between. I liked Cloverfield on a basic level..........what I saw of it, but the shaky-cam made me nauseous so I only could get through it the once.

I've never seen some of Abrams shorter lived shows, or some of his earlier films where he was more script-writer for hire etc
Yeah, I think Abrams sort of moved away from the day to day writing and direction of Lost after the first season. Pretty much just kept his name attached.

I gotta check out this Lock and Key, haven't heard anything about it. I've been watching Hawaii 5-0. It's pretty good. Fun, that's how I'd describe it. Not too deep, doesn't take itself too seriously yet, just a fun show.

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