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Wrong, it increases stress and decreases efficiency during the first days or weeks in which the crew has to deal with a new work rythm, new people on their shifts, etc.
And if Jellico hadn't decided to do it in the middle of a greater issue then it might have been fine.

However, he made an abrupt change that would turn the ship upside down just when it needed to be working at it's most efficient.
Turn the ship upside down? How? By asking them to switch from three shifts to four? Isn't this supposed to be the Federation's flagship, with presumably the best officers in the fleet? If they can handle the Borg, they can surely handle personnel administration changes.

Jellico was a jerk who just wanted to play boss. Riker was right to object to this kind of 'unauthorized authority' which was one of the frequently occuring themes in TNG.
Jellico WAS the boss. He was the commanding officer. He didn't ask Riker to ritually flog the crew. He wasn't Captain Bligh. He asked the executive officer, who was supposed to be such a good officer that he had been offered numerous starships to command, to adjust the duty schedule, and apparently it was a bridge too far. If the Enterprise's working procedures are so rigid that they cannot be changed without massive disruption, that supports the argument that the administration on that ship was severely flawed before Jellico even arrived.
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