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Originally Posted by HRH The KING View Post
TTWT was charming. The Pakled storyline was just dumb and a waste of time that added nothing of value to anyone's character.

They should have focused entirely on the Wesley and Picard plotline instead in a more interesting scenario, possibly as a bottle episode with them both trapped somewhere and depending on each other, which would soften Picard's character and humanise Wesley.

Personally if I was writing TNG, Wesley would not have been a whizkid, but just a troubled kid with massive potential who needed a father figure. Ultimately after developing their relationship for a few seasons (and that between Beverely Crusher and Picard) I would reveal that Picard is in fact Wesley's father
That would have been nice, would certainly have made Wesley more easy to relate to. And as for Samaritan Snare, the Pakleds annoyed me no end, they should have just been cut out of the episode, I feel sorry for Burton getting that as one of his main appearances for the season.
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