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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
Simple...the fictional Galaxy is not 642 meters, either. The production team made a mistake when scaling the ship. I know, BLASPHEMY!!!
Not blasphemy - just life!! The USS Defiant from DS9 is even more variable!!

The truth is, the sets from TNG just wouldn't fit on a 642 meter starship. Take ten forward, for example. The ship would have to be much bigger to accommodate the interiors as seen on the show.

As a matter of fact, I remember hearing somewhere that Andrew Probert, the man who designed the Galaxy-class, said that he hated the ten forward set because it made the ship much bigger than he had intended when designing it (he said that the rim of the saucer was intended to be only one deck thick, while the official Rick Sternbach blueprints set the saucer rim at being two decks thick). Perhaps the 642 meter figure is based on Probert's original idea for the Galaxy-class size, but the ten forward set was what blew the ship out of proportion.
Interesting, I had not heard that before.
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