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due to the lack of interest in the old futures end i have rewrote the story it is now only one ship as well the Uss Apollo an Akira refit class (see site for details)

the new story is:

Late in 2374. The combined forces of the Dominion, attack the Federation and their allies.

The Federation having controlled the Alpha Quadrant for as long as they can remember are now being threatened with total destruction, at the hands of the Dominion.
The federation has been beaten back time and time again. It is obvious that we are loosing the war. Back at Starfleet command, the top brass has to re-think they way we fight because the rules of war have changed.. for the worse.

They have decided to commission a new fleet of special operations ships, tasked with infiltrating key Dominion targets and dealing with the treats they may cause. The ships are loaded with the latest technological break thoughs in; weapons, shields and amour. Also the Apollo is equiped with a energy daperning device on the basis that all intel gathered on the Dominion is to be shared with everyone.

This is the only hope for the federation is this fleet. It can win us this war, or if they get discovered it can destroy us. The fate of the federation rests on the brave crew of the Uss Apollo.

Welcome to the war. Good luck to all

the site is
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