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(Shortly After Jed's Post-Gorkon Ready Room)

Ssshhh:"Should feel more like "home" after your gear gets here."

Winter:"Never had a ready room on the Pike, it's so...big."

Ssshhh:"Well. you went from a scout class ship, to an genuine exploratory vessel."

*Comm Sounds, Winter Opens the Channel*

Winter:"Winter here."

Engsin Smith:"Sir, Starfeet notifcation. Casey Jeggins Starfleet commisson reactivated as of this stardate, assigned USS Gorkon. She should be here tomorrow, end Starfleet command."

Winter:"Thank you....."

Engsin Smith:"Engsin Smith, sir."

Winter:"Thank you, Engsin Smith. Winter, out."

Ssshhh:"You'll have plenty of time to learn names Paul."

Winter:"Remember back on the Columbia, when I mangled the Capatin's name?"

Ssshhh(Laughing):"Well, you were a freshly minted Engsin, and it was a Vulcan name."

Winter:"True...Capatin Storvak...what a name. What happened to him?"

Ssshhh:"He, and his ship, the USS Exeter, went missing in the gamma quadrent about a year ago."

Winter(Laughing):"Remember that time, right after you got command of the USS Stargazer-B, and you molted on Capatin Picard's boots at the dedication ceremony??"

Ssshhh:"He was pretty understanding about it. So Paul, what do you say we I buy you some burned human food? Never understood why you kill and burn your meats, but to each their own."
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