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The year is 2431 and the Federation lies in tatters.

Late in 2410 The combined forces of a rejuvenated Dominion the Breen the kinshaya and their returning allies the Romulan Star empire and their slaves the Gorn attacked the Federation and their Allies,

The Federation having controlled the Alpha Quadrant for as long as they can remember decided to expand and with the Borg appeased started to expand when they invaded they came fast and destroyed colony after colony the Federation desperate for help turn to old and new allies,
the free Borg, the collective collapsed and these, the survivors still able to work together enough that they can control a ship but still essentially free sign a non aggression pact and allow the few Federation vessels out there a safe harbour in the Delta Quadrant,
A Federation cruiser carrying the last survivors of the Federation council arrive and are permitted to inhabit a world in the quadrant under the protection of the Borg. These new allies along with the remainders of the Imperial Romulan state and the Klingon empire arrive and a new coalition club together and start to work together. Now 21 years later enhanced Federation ships are armed with Borg weapons and advanced Federation research such as the Ablative Armour.
The Gamma quadrant stands now independent given its distance from Earth. The Dominion control the Beta and Alpha from the remains of Earth and we stand fortified and ready to fight back in the Delta Quadrant In the far reaches of this new space lies a small wormhole that links to our time frame and galaxy. We are ready to strike at the heart of the enemies space. With its new ships, enhanced by the best borg and federation technology, we will be unstoppable. They will pay for what they have done to us!

Future's end fleet has been tasked with defending the remains of the federation and its allies and to destroy who stand in our way.

Welcome to the fleet and the fight of your lives.

The fleet is made up of 3 ships and a Star base
USS Apollo, Akira refit class. Task group flag ship (commanded by me) all positions open apart from X.O and C.M.O
Uss Vengeance, Prometheus class. (C.O taken) All other positions open
Uss Iwo Jima, Sovereign refit class (open for command) All positions available
Star Base 39, Jupiter class base (C.O taken) All other positions open

we really need you to join because we are low on numbers
if you are worried about rules, dont be because there really isnt any (apart from the standerd simming rules)
as for missions you can pretty much do what you want as long as it sticks to the basic story line

so please please please come have a look and sign up

This is probably the only simm that you are allowed to be borg however I’m only allowing a limited amount

Come check us out at

I hope to see you soon
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