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(During Jed's Post-Engineering-As Jed Heads Out He Sees Capatin Winter and Admiral Ssshhh on an inspection tour.)

Jed (To Self as he heads over):"No time like the present."

Winter (Suprised):"Well, this system is up 2 days before it was supposed to be."

Ssshhh:"Jeggins has been with this ship since it was commissioned."

Winter:"So many years on the same ship."

(Jed walks up)

Jed:"Admiral, Capatain. Could I have a moment of the Captain's time?"

Ssshhh:"Sure Commander. (jokingly) Don't keep him too long, I'm hungry. And my prey does not kill itself."

(Jed and Winter walk off a few feet)

Jed:"Sir, I noitced you don't have a Cheif Engineer yet."

Winter:"Yes, Starfleet sent us one canadate, but she is due for retirement in 12 weeks, so I had to pass."

Jed:"Would it be possible for me to serve as Cheif Engineer?"

Winter:"Why? You served two multi year missions with Captain Zardoz. I would assume you'd be ready to leave the service too."

Jed:"My daughter is grown, my wife thinks I should."

Winter:"I assume you mean Commander Casey Jeggins?"

Jed (Smiling):"You seem to know us..."

Winter:"Who doesn't Commander? Your exploits are famous. I'll accpet you on one condition."

Jed:"What is it?"

Winter:"Your bring your wife back as your second in command in Engineering. I need the best team, that would be both of you."

Jed:"Thank you sir. I'll speak to her immediately, and let you know."

Winter:"Talk to you soon Commander."

(Winter rejoins Ssshhh)

Ssshhh:"Was that what I think it was?"

Winter:"Looks like I may have the legendary Jeggins team."
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