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(During Zardoz's Post, Gorkon Engineering)

Jed Jeggins smiles looking around the engine room. He pats a bulk head.

Jed "There you go girl all better. Never thought I'd see that again."

Jed walks over to a panel and presses the comm his wife appears on the screen.

Casey: "Jed, how is the patient."

Jed: "Almost as pretty as you."

Casey leans back revealing her pregnant belly.

Jed: "How you and our child?"

Casey: "We're fine. Like I've told you, Im OK If you want to continue to serve on the Gorkon."

Jed: "I know I'm going to talk to her captain now."

Casey: "Go on we'll talk more later."

Jed Smiles as the comm ends he walks to the turbolift pausing and turning to look back listening to the hum of Engineering. He enters the turbolift to report back to the dock and to the captain.
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