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Default Uss Gorkon-New RPG GAME-(RPG Posting Only Please!)

(Stardate 97234.89-Approximately 2391 Earth Calander-Orbital Starship Dock Alpha-7-Capatin Paul Winter is looking out a viewport at the Galaxy Class USS Gorkon. Admiral Ssshhh, a Gorn is stanging beside him.)

Ssshhh:"Well Paul, what do you think of your new command?"

Winter:"I think it's alot of ship Admiral."

Ssshhh:"A far cry from the more...."cozy" accomdations of the USS Pike."

Winter:"Sir, I doubt I'll have a full crew before departure."

Ssshhh:"Paul, nobody's around, use my name. I was your Capatin, and your freind, long before I took this brass."

Winter:"It's just this mission, a whole star system gone. Just when we had made peace with the Romulans."

Ssshhh:"Yes, it is tragic. But Ambassador Spock gave his life trying to save as many as he could. All the more reason we need to find Romulan survivors."

Winter:"Quite, Ssshhh. Any news from Starfleet about senior staff?"

Ssshhh:"They will be sending over a possible Chief Science Officer canadate later today."

Winter:"Any idea who?"

Ssshhh:"No. After the Romulan incident, the fleet is streched pretty thin. Feel lucky to get any crew at all."

Winter:"So they have put in the new Bio Neural Mark 3's?"

Ssshhh:"Yes, the Galaxy Class was the last of isolinear circuits. You also have the the new Mark 10 Phaser Arrays, they have 15% more power than the old Mark 9's. You are getting a good ship with a good hsitory Paul."

Winter:"Yes, Comandant Zardoz is a living legend. Now he can mold the minds of cadets as Comandant of Starfleet Academy. Even his crew his crew have become living legends."

Ssshhh:"Yes, but it is time for a new chapter in the history of this ship. You get to write that history Paul."

Winter:"Well, it's about time for my daily inspection, care to join me?"

Ssshhh:"Yes, let's go look at YOUR ship."
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