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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Sounds good to me!
Good when we have 5 people who will post reguarly...I'll set it up.

But in the menatime...

The USS Gorkon has spent the last 17 months getting a total refit after returning from her last mission. Capatin Zardoz accepted promotion to become Comandant of Starfleet Academy. All of his crew moved up, or retired after 2 successful mission that even had them in the Mirror Universe for two years!

My Charater, Capatin Paul Winters, originally from Alpha Centarui 2, has been given command of the refitted Galaxy Class ship. he is 6' tall, 42 earth years of age, his skin is a deep corn yellow as is all residents of Alpha Centari 2. Early in the former colony world's history (200+ years before) there was a Omega radition leak, while it did not physically harm the residents, it resulted in a perment skin pigmentaion change in all decendants.

This is Winter's second command. His first, the USS Pike, a Norway class ship was retired after 2, 5 years exploratory missions of the galatic barrier in beta quadrent. The Pike sustained a cascading warp core failure after contunued exposure to the barrier's engergies.

He is currently recuriting an all new crew for the refitted Gorkon.

What that means folks, is that al postions are now open, except for the Capatancy.
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