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Ok, here's the layout...

This RPG will take place one week after the destruction of Romulus in the Prime Universe (late 24th Century.)

The Gorkon will be finishing up a major refit at Utopia Planitia shipyards.

She will be assigned to go look for survivors, to start.

This rpg is pretty simple.

Posting format should be as follows (Exactly)

(After last post-USS Gorkon Bridge-Engsin Smiley Is Sleeping)-This sets up the scene.

Capatin(Angirly):"WAKE UP ENGSIN!!"

Smiley(Startled):"Uh...yes sir!!"

-Interactions betwen charaters and npcs should be in this fomat.

*The Captain Grabbed Smiley By His Collar and Escorted Him To The Brig*-If you change places, this is the way to go with it.

[] Are to be used when a computer is speaking. Example-Computer:[That function is not avilible.]

Other basic rules-

No destorying the ship, or anyone's charaters, or anyone else's NPCs (NON PLAYER CHARATERS)without their ok.

No superbeings, like Q, ect. Charaters should be any established Trek race, or any race of their own creation, but keep them with Human/Vulcan abilities roughly.

A charater can make up npcs as they wish, a player can kill their own npcs at any time.

Try to stick with the current story, for example if we are investigating a planet, don't have your charater on DS9.

I'd rather try to stay away from using established Trek charaters (Picard-Riker, ect) as much as possible.

If we can get 5 or more regular posters, I'll start a new RPG section.

What do you think?
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