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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Wow, that's some crazy sh*t, I am still happily living in the last millenia with my small old-school CRT TV.
As long as it still works, more power to ya'!

I can remember what made me switch over was when I was playing my video games.

At the time, I had a 20 inch CRT TV/DVD/VCR combo unit, and a 24" Hi-Def tv (only capable of 1080i at best, but still a good picture). My roomie and I were playing Halo 2 (which wasn't even a hi-def game at the time).

I remember after a match, we were comparing awards we'd gotten. I was letting him use my HDTV which was in the living room, whilst I used my CRT in my bedroom. When I looked at my awards on my TV, and then went out into the living room to see his, I noticed, even at just 480p, the increase in clarity. I could actually make out edge details on the awards. I went back to my room, and looked at the CRT I was using. The awards were a lot of unfocused circles. I sat there thinking "Damn, I'm jealous of my own HDTV."

From then on out, it was HDTV all the way for me.

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