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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
I've got a 720, but compared to what I had last year, this is sooooo much better. One of the Grandchildren has seems to have made some kind of "impact" on the screen and there is now a dark spot about the size of a 2yr olds hand.

Dark Shadows? I use to rush home after school to catch the last 15-20 minutes of the original afternoon broadcasts. Most remembered are the on set mistakes that always made it through to viewing. Seems that there were practically no "retakes" on the budget the show had. Imagine if ST had the same restrictions, though I do know the budget was pretty tight toward the end.
Yeouch! Sorry to hear about the (I'm gonna guess) paw print on your screen. Big disadvantage to flat panel LCD's.....and I risk I certainly take every time I buy one...especially a computer monitor. Thankfully, I have no kids.

Yeah, that would kinda suck if you didn't have the budget to do retakes of a shot....almost as if DS was shot live. And yeah, imagine if the original ST lacked a shooting budget that permitted retakes.

It does deliver a certain bit of honesty in the performances though, eh?

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