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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
HI-DEF VIDEO with the right tools is simply stunning.

If anyone remembers the classic look of the older series "Dark Shadows", that's what the blu-ray presentation of Star Trek Season One reminded me of. Again, the contrast, the characters, and even the space shots just gave me pause. I could not believe I was watching a show from 1967. The grainy look was gone. It was as if, just with the Star Trek movie, the series had been shot with a completely different camera.

I'm anxious now to see how my video games will look.

I realize, again, I've bought relatively outdated tech, but for my purposes, there's no buyer's remorse here.
I've got a 720, but compared to what I had last year, this is sooooo much better. One of the Grandchildren has seems to have made some kind of "impact" on the screen and there is now a dark spot about the size of a 2yr olds hand.

Dark Shadows? I use to rush home after school to catch the last 15-20 minutes of the original afternoon broadcasts. Most remembered are the on set mistakes that always made it through to viewing. Seems that there were practically no "retakes" on the budget the show had. Imagine if ST had the same restrictions, though I do know the budget was pretty tight toward the end.
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