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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The retirement of the NCC-1701-A makes a lot of sense, her fate is the same as the fate of her crew.

Of course you can be nitpicky and question why a young ship like the A and a young guy like Chekov should retire alongside an old guy like McCoy, but then you'd entirely miss the point of the story.
Well actually it doesn't really, if the ship is so young. Of course, that's an 'if'. Since I don't think it was ever explicitly made clear if the ship was an existing Connie renamed or a new build starship. TFF implied the latter what with all the system problems they were having. But that could have been something to do with the clear umpteenth refit that the ship had had inbetween.

That aside there's no missing the point of the 'retiral' either as it's indeed quite clear when watching the film what the point is. Like some other directors Meyer wanted you to 'feel' something at the end and so he simply made it that way.

Making sense wasn't really the point. I think we can all accept that. It was about going with the emotion and the feeling and the 'final adventure' etc

But as we've all discovered a thousand times over, once you've watched the film enough then one does turn their attention to these little matters and Meyer as much as anyone had moments that don't really make sense once you've digested the main point. I can watch FC a hundred times...........but the Borg going back in time still remains complete codswallop. But that's not the point of that film either. Just a manipulation to make it all work.

It's not a dig at anyone who made TUC, just a fact of the films.

I don't get the design continuity obsession, I must have watched TUC more than five times and I never ever saw even the engineering room shot. I couldn't care less about whether the sets in movie L match those in movie K.
I don't believe anyone ever said that they lost sleep or anything over it (apparently at least until Abrams did it and then it's unforgiveable for some inexplicable reason) but as above, after 19 odd years these things get noticed and discussed.

One can hardly take exception to having it done with TUC when it's been done with all the others as well.
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