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I don't take it as the entire crew retiring, but rather with the retiring of the the crew as a collective with the younger ones like Chekov going on to do other things. As for the ship, it was a refitted Connie like the original Enterprise so you can assume that it's probably about 40 years old anyway and with Constitution class ships being decommissioned completely by the end of the century, it's not a big leap that they retired the ship, especially as Excelsiors are far superior it doesn't make sense to have an older ship as the flagship.

{quote]Aren't the turbolift doors wider apart though in VI compared to V? I mean there's probably no way to get a positive confirmation visually... but if so they would've had to go deck-by-deck to rip out the turbolift shafts and put them back in.[/quote]

Yeah the turbolifts definitely move in each film there, which would be equivalent to changing the shafts of an entire 23 storey building, can be ignored or explained away and doesn't really mean anything in practice.
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