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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
The bridge changes every time between IV and VI as well, the changes aren't subtle but show vastly different bridges in every case, can justify the differences between 5 and 6 by saying a different bridge module is installed.
Aren't the turbolift doors wider apart though in VI compared to V? I mean there's probably no way to get a positive confirmation visually... but if so they would've had to go deck-by-deck to rip out the turbolift shafts and put them back in.

(Whatever. I just accept it as a director's reinterpretation of what ST 'should' look like, and leave it at that. If Herman Zimmerman was fine with the discontinuity, so am I.)

I also love it that Starfleet wants to retire the Enterprise at the end of VI. Even according to the most liberal interpretation of the official timeline, it's only been about ten years, at most, since she was christened at the end of IV.

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