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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
I have a question regarding the changes made to the interior sets between Star Trek IV and Star Trek V. Namely, the Engineering set underwent the greatest change, being the biggest set in the films (aside from the massive shuttlebay in TMP). While I understand that the bridge set was destroyed between the two films, I was never told why the rest of the interior was changed as well. Below I examine the changes.


We have the same Engine room for the first three Star Trek films, so understandably the same Engine room was probably intended for the Enterprise-A in Star Trek IV. At least, I can't see why it would need to be changed.


Here we see a much smaller engine room. I like it a lot, but where's the engine? And where are all the engineering crews? Surely it takes more than one man to operate a starship engine room.


What the...? What is this!? Why does a 23rd century Enterprise have the EXACT same engine room as a 24th century galaxy-class starship? I mean, come on! That's just lazy set design!

Conclusion: Does anyone know the real world reason for the set changes made to engineering for the Enterprise-A? If you do, please let me know!
Simplest answer is money.

The original sets would have been struck between the first coupla films and since there was no large scenes played in TFF it would have been too expensive to rebuild the earlier set to match for the brief moments it was seen on TV.

(as and aside, one could rationalise that since the TFF ship is a different ship, it had some sort of redesigned engine room area)

The TUC redress of the TNG set was just another money-saving decision because the set wasn't seen very much anyway.

So at the end of the day - it's really just about subsequent money resources not being able to recreate all the original sets etc.

I have no idea why that meant we needed three different bridges in three different films (or why all the corridors changed their appearance in every film as well - the ship must have had a top to bottom refit every six months) but then it seems that since the bridge area was one which money was worth spending on.
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