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Originally Posted by USS_Essex View Post
Most of the sets for the Ent-A are just redresses of the TNG sets. Just enough to make them look different. Although they could have done a better job with STVI sets. Looks too much like the TNG sets.

But I do believe that image of Scotty is not engineering but maybe an auxillary engineering station in a jeffires tube.
Let's keep in mind, the TNG sets were themselves ST:TMP redress sets. Not to mention there would have been limited amount of time in between seasons of TNG for the Bennett/Meyer people to 'borrow back' those sets for their latter films.

We see less of the TMP engineering set in STII anyway, and almost none of it in III. I think TNG may have been the first time that set, however redressed, was reassembled in anything close to its entirety.

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