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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Of the two? I would go with KITT.

You could also add to that list:

Herbie ("The Love Bug" movie series)

The Mach 5 ("Speed Racer")

The General Lee ("The Dukes Of Hazzard")

EDIT: Just realized, all but the BTTF DeLorean have been subject to recent remakes/reboots...

think out of those....

1. The General Lee has to be the NUMBER 1 Recognized Car...(and that's arguably of course)

2. Knight Rider's Kitt

3. Th DeLorean Time Machine

4. Herbie (The Love Bug

5. The Mach Five (Speed Racer)

Google Says: Famoust Cars

DeLoarean (12)

The General Lee (10)

The Original Knight Rider-Kitt (7)

Herbie the Love Bug ( 6)

Batmobile (Tim Burton) (3)

The New Knight Rider-Kitt (2)

Mach 5 (2)

Bond's Aston Martin DB9 (2)

Original Batmobile (2)

DeLorean Time Machine Wins

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