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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
That's kind of how I envision it, a group of Vulcans who blame the Federation and reject logic.
They might not reject Surak's logic but rather Surak's pacifism. Why care about all this suppression business when your home was just destroyed.
As we have just seen four types of Vulcans, orthodox ones, Romulans (reject pacifism), Sybok and similar Vulcans from "Fusion" (try to suppress just bad emotions but fail) and the elderly Spock (who unlike his half-brother succeeded) it might be interesting to see Romulan-like Vulcans or as you said Vulcans who also reject logic ... which sounds like a bunch of dangerous savages.
Categorizing them via their attitude towards violence / emotional suppression and logic is quite dry and technical, Vulcans are of course more complex.

It might be just my impression but I think that the team wants to just treat the Vulcans as survivors who want to quietly and peacefully rebuild their society in a new place with the help of NimoySpock and thus out of the focus of future stories.

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