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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
You are of course correct, the next film will probably be another fast paced shoot 'em up type movie. Hopefully there is at least some substance to it though. They have a chance here after this last one to really breath new life back into the franchise if they don't mess it up.
I am not so sure, after all the writers and producers have indicated in the last months that they intend to slow down a bit.
They rightly want to focus on the main crew and a story about Vulcan diaspora has inherently nothing to do with any of the main characters besides Spock. In a series you don't have to focus upon your main cast all the time and can explore an alien society slowly via secondary characters over some time.
But then again it should be principally possible on the big screen if the story focuses not upon slow developments but rather upon an eruption in Vulcan society. Violent and dynamic stuff might be suitable material for the big screen.
There could be Vulcans who rebel violently against Vulcan orthodoxy or Vulcans who don't believe that Nero came from the future, who want to attack Romulus and split from the Federation to do it or Vulcans who blame the weak Federation for the destruction of their planet and who intend to join their stronger cousins.
You can't do subtle stuff like e.g. in DS9 with its exploration of the complicated Bajoran-Cardassian relationship but it's not like the story has to be subtle or complicated or demand much of a setup.

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