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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
"Fibs" Are irrelevant. I do not know what tread you're talking about.
First you say "why won't you respond to the thread"
And now you say " don't fib now, you posted a long response to that thread."

Well if your aim is confusion then you've suceeded masterfully.

If I didn't respond to the thread, OBVIOUSLY, I didn't see it.
If I did respond in length then, OBVIOUSLY, I saw and that makes your claim of no response puzzling to say the least.

1. You did respond to the thread...initially.
2. You stopped replying to the thread....

Here is the title of it: If you wrote for Enterprise & could turn back time, what ONE change would you have?

And I diredt you to our conversation where you specifically listed out reasons of why ENT did not follow Trek canon, and I disputed them.

Please do not try and change the subject as you always do. Just rspond DIRECTLY to the post.
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