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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
My bad.

It's not the setting that's the problem, it's the approach. Create a starship, sketch out seven people, make two of them aliens, one of them a half-breed (sorry!), one of them an observer of the human condition, and then give them all names.

To me we've been there. Most viewers outside of 'hardcore' fandom would't know whether it was the same producers or not, they'd just see that ST was doing it again. The pilot would rate higher than most of ENT, but not as high as the ENT pilot. Which of course didn't rate as high as the VOY pilot before that. Which of course...
That's OK, I'm back on track now!

Yes, I think that the approach probably needs to be reconceived as well (not that I pretend to have any ideas, and nowadays the trend is for TV shows to actually have sometimes larger ensemble main casts than in the 80s which I don't think would be a good way to work) even though I do have an interest in post-DS9 stuff.

But conceptually it probably wouldn't have been set up and played very differently from all the other shows.

Maybe, actually getting back to just a handful (like TOS) and have assorted others who were non-regular and not within the usual roster of 'types' would work. Instead of having said 'types' just see what kinda characters seem to emerge out of what the basic idea for a series would be.

Maybe not.

Maybe a better-directed series might've taken hold, but my feeling is all the feasible options had been squandered and exhausted. Even TNG was now too far back on the rear horizon. Not a bad time for it to dawn on studio execs that, for all the 'nerdiness' in ST, A high-budget commercial film with cultural legends Kirk and Spock had never actually been explored.
To be honest, I think it's the overt commerciality which offends some of the fans who may actually prefer to keep Trek a 'niche' franchise that only they know everything about and which they can use as a way to set themselves apart from others.

Which, I think comes part and parcel with fandom and the idea of identifying with something that you can have as 'yours'.

Going so totally commercial would be the very opposite of what some of them could ever support and accept because it would (and did) require changes and adaptions to adapt it to that big-budget franchise mold Paramount wanted to try putting it in.
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