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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Yep and I simply don't mind a bit of techspeak as this is friggin's science fiction ... and I certainly don't mind Data speaking more technical than other characters because it is in his nature. There are plenty of characters who don't use techspeak, Troi usually tells someone like Data to repeat and rephrase it such that she can understand it.
Thing is, "shielding us from the changes in the timeline" is not really techspeak, or even what I would call appropriate Dataspeak. It's just... I don't know what it is. It is, somehow, very typical post-Roddenbery Berman-era Trekspeak, or it wouldn't have made such an impression on the group I was with. With 'timeline' so often being thrown out there as though it were a physical, tangible thing like a forcefield. Maybe showing 'time' as a visual effect, versus actually talking about it as such, is like the difference between the audience hearing a space explosion and Uhura saying that she hears it. But I don't think even that example gets any closer to articulating the problem, because I'm still analyzing something that just 'feels' and 'sounds' wrong.

The only non-fan reaction I've gotten from it is "convenient." This was from my sister, who's not that fond of TNG but enjoyed FC.

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