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Berengarius7 ... if you watch the video it says the byproduct... is H and O.... it extracts the water from the salt. People in snowy places spread salt to dissolve the ice and snow which is a problem.... too much salt seeping into the ground, on roads, over bridges... corroding metals. Excess salt kills freshwater creatures and ruins the soil for plant growth. Wouldn't it be nice to reverse it a little? The only thing to think about is the radio frequency generator. What powers that?

They could create something that feeds off of itself... only need electricity to spark a reaction.
The reaction to generate the radio waves... creates a second reaction for the salt water burn.
All artists are obssesive compulsive... its what keeps us going!
The science inspires the dream, the dream creates the art...the art fuels the dream and continues to inspire the science!

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