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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
It was Star Trek all along...TPTB figured by that point people would be smart enough to recognize it was a Star Trek series without it having to be in the title. ESPECIALLY since what was the next thing you saw after the title "Enterprise"? You saw "Based upon 'Star Trek' Created by Gene Roddenberry." Guess the fans who complained either missed that or it wasn't enough.

Then again, how many people over the years have asked "Who sings the title song?" when it's in the episode credits after the episode title of every single installment of the series?
Not nearly alike. They new it was supposed to be trek they just didn't recognize it as trek but cause it didn't seem to have any semblance of Trek and the fans were regecting it loudly.

So them like myself held out that perhaps this was some sort of off shoot but not actually trek. Unfortunantly they pasted that on the title just to be defiant to the wishes of the fans.

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