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Originally Posted by Lord Garth View Post
Bro are you mocking me? I am not a fanboy I am a fanman at 6"1" 200 pounds of beat your *** goodness. I have been watching Trek since I was 2 years old starting in 1973. I have been a fan for 36 years so I am more than entitled to my opinion. I am not a taint licking ball sucker who just agrees with the crowd, so Im sorry if I offended you. So watch your mouth homeboy.
It's called a parody. Chill.

As others have pointed out, it was not a personal thing. I have too many friends who like Star Trek so much that they have their quirks about the who's, what's and wherefores regarding its lifespan. They know I simply joke. Besides, I've been a fan for 38 years.

But, if you ARE going to take this so seriously that you think you have to resort to futile and laughable threats, then you need to go elsewhere, where someone might actually take you seriously.

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