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Isni't he responsible for ENTERPRISE too.

Along with Star Trek franchise head and Enterprise co-creator Rick Berman, Braga has often been the subject of heated fan criticism, especially with regards to his showrunning duties on Voyager and Enterprise.[11][12] Responding to accusations from Star Trek fandom that he was responsible for Star Trek's declining ratings and eventual cancellation, Braga commented:
It's not a pleasant thing to think of yourself [as] to blame. There are other factors involved with Star Trek losing its audience appeal over the years, but [...] I will take my share of the blame creatively. It's almost impossible for me to sit here and say 'yes, I did this, that, and this wrong' and I'm certainly not going to get on the internet and look at what the fans think, because that would be too painful. But give it a little more time [and] I'm sure I can look back and figure out what the f*** I did wrong."

He's a potty mouth too.

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