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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
I still don't get it. He is partly or completely responsible for the stories of:
Identity Crisis, Schisms, Frame of Mind, Timescape, Parallels, All Good Things, Flashback, The 37's, Future's End, Distant Origin, Scorpion, Year of Hell, Living Witness, Timeless, Someone to Watch Over Me and STFC.
That's 16 reasons to love him

Yeah, but he also (IMPOTENT FANBOY RAGE) numerous times while (FANBOY WHIMPERING IN THE FETAL POSITION) and (FANBOY SUCKING THUMB)! That overrides any perceived good he did, and therefore justifies my (IMPOTENT FANBOY RAGE)!

The lesson to all of this:

There's just no pleasin' everyone.....fanboys especially.

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