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Default Asked Braga a question!

So, I went to the screening tonight of Star Trek: First Contact at the Laemmle Royal theater and Brannan Braga was the guest speaker for that particular film. He was talking about his experience working on this film and also how he was a little tipsy because he just had been drinking with friends earlier. It was also his birthday. It was a great interview and it should be up soon on pretty soon. Anyway, near the end of the interview he asked the audience if we had any questions. Of course, I raised my hand and when he said, "Yes, the dude all the way in the back." I, like an idiot, turned behind me just to make sure if it was me he was referring to, and it was haha! He was all, "Yes, the guy who just turned around." Anyway, my questions was this: "So, which Enterprise is your favorite? D or E?" And he replied with, "Well, of course D, man. I have a much closer relationship with that ship since I've been working with it for such a long time."

Afterward, he was asked why the bridge lighting was so dark in Generations and he replied, "I thought it should have been the same lighting as it was on the television series. Having it dark like that just didn't work for me." But yeah, it was a great interview and right after he was done speaking the film started.
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