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OK, there was that she has lost the will to live thing (didn't it come from a medical droid which wouldn't make it very significant) but she also said that she believes that there is still good left in Anakin. So why would she wanna give up if she has still hope in Anakin?
The way I view it is that he killed her, whether it was by choking, by the force or however matters little in my opinion.

Anyway, the very ending of Episode III or the whole idea of this movie, that Anakin gets seduced to the dark side by his love once again (first by the love for his mother, now by the love for his wife) and that he becomes Vader before he is mutilated and needs the suit was much better and more unpredictable storytelling to me than any of the original trilogy movies.

Lucas has said that his Dark Lord was influenced by Tolkien and while this was apparent merely visually in the first trilogy the evil of the Sith was sketched out in the second one: seduction, mutilation, all ideas from Tolkien. There is simply more substance in the second trilogy and for me this outweighs the romantic adventure qualities of the first one.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
The kid who played Anakin was a punk!
Aha, interesting that you know him personally and have these insights into his private life.
Christensen is a fine actor and might have played badly in the two movies ... but it is not like Hamill played on an Academy Award Level either. Actually I find his constant excitement in the role of Luke quite annoying.

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