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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
The way that I understood the original "IV" was "The force chose who it chose" and the individual was held responsible for their actions, good or bad, within its influence. Being born with "it" and having to go through a panel to allow training, as in "I" with Anakin, was what broke the mystique for me.
As I understand it, that was to counter the Jedi-religion thing that had crept up in the intervening years. So, along came Midichlorians in the blood count!

Personally, I think it's a little worrying that some people put 'Jedi' on census forms as their religion but I suppose to each their own. I once - a few years back, through my work - encountered someone who had legally their name to 'Darth Vader'. Whether it was a serious long-term name change or not, I will never know.

The training on the other hand, actually made a lot of sense. As an order, perhaps rooted in some of Earth history we know that lifelong training, discipline, practice, mental and physical order etc all are of key importance in the lives of the people within it.

As the Jedi were such a group, these elements (personally) made a lot of sense.
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