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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
The big thing Lucas fumbled with was that he forgot that his fans of the original movies were now some 25-30 years older.
That was my first thoughts on TPM way back in 1999 as well, but then over the years I realised that Lucas just doesn't really make films for adults. He never really has. He's always wanted to make films for kids.

Once I realised that, I kinda figured the kids who had grown up inbetween probably weren't foremost on his mind, because he was thinking about the kids who were kids in '99.

He needed to make a more mature story for the first prequel....I think that would've erased a lot of the stigma that followed for the other prequels.
Though overall I don't think they're the worst films ever made, but they do pale a bit compared to the first three (or last three, depending on how you want to look at it!).

These days I think the biggest factor hampering TPM at least was the 16 year gap. TPM was about sowing the seeds for the payoffs in the later two films, and as such there was a lot of things happening that were again in the vein of setting the stage for later and for the most part I think people were not very interested in that and were just waiting for the lightsaber fights and space battles.
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