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Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
Explain why you hate the Star Wars prequel films
Why? They were OK, I suppose, but just did not have the "pop" that "IV" had when first released. That movie was a FX quantum leap over pretty much everything else that had been done up to that point. After "V", "VI", with everyone else seemingly repeating the "formula"...even though the FX were "cleaner" due to better digital storage and manipulation, there was just not that "pop" with the prequels on a visual basis.
I think that the "Jedi Mystique" would have been better served not going into the politics involved in entering and remaining in the order and had just been a visual revelation as exhibited through the "jumps" in skill and control that Luke exhibited through each movie. Yoda got to explain a few things to Luke that Obiwan did not have time to and that was about all I thought was needed to keep the "mystique" just that.
The way that I understood the original "IV" was "The force chose who it chose" and the individual was held responsible for their actions, good or bad, within its influence. Being born with "it" and having to go through a panel to allow training, as in "I" with Anakin, was what broke the mystique for me.

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