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I agree with most of what's being said here (beside those HORRIBLE comments about The Matrix ). I saw it with three friends, and it provoked some meaningful discussion. We literally spent 30 minutes after the movie (it was 10:30 mind you) discussing EVERYTHING about it in the parking lot of the theatre. Most of it was looking for the depth of the implications of the last 3 seconds of the film (arguably the most important).

Unfortunately, I found that it wasn't nearly as mind-blowing as anything I'd been prepared for, and I again agree with people here (and major critics) that Nolan simply wasn't creative enough with his dream-world. There should've been some much more imaginative scenes (the bending of Paris was a good start), and I lament that the mechanics of the whole premise weren't made very clear. I don't find it anywhere close to being a "revolutionary" film.

Yet, don't doubt that I will be back in a theatre to watch it again .
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